Instructions for Membership Application

To begin the application process to join CCPA, please follow these steps:
  1. Thoroughly review the  CCPA BylawsCCPA Physician Master Agreement and the  CCPA Product Description. These documents outline the terms and conditions between CCPA and the physician, as well as for participation in CCPA's fee-for-service agreements.
  2. If you find the terms and conditions in the above documents agreeable, please use this Application Checklist to complete the CCPA Membership Application.

3.  If your practice is new to CCPA, please also complete the following documents:

4.  Submit your completed application materials to CCPA:

Phone: 312.227.7440

Fax: 312.227.9526


Mailing address: 225 E. Chicago Avenue, Box 113, Chicago, IL 60611

Questions about the CCPA membership application?

Please contact Micaela Andres at 312.227.7567 or