Overview of CCPA's Managed Care Plans

CCPA pursues payor contracting on behalf of its members through a "messenger model" which is compliant with federal and state antitrust laws. As the area's only pediatric IPA, CCPA has fee-for-service managed care contracts for pediatricians and pediatric specialists.

CCPA currently offers participation in sixteen managed care contracts with the following benefits to our members:


Although CCPA encourages participation in all of our plans, members decide for themselves which plans they would like to participate in and have the flexibility to opt in and out of any of CCPA’s plans at any time.

If you are a member of CCPA and would like to update your managed care participation, please visit our (CCPA Managed Care Contracts).

Delegated Credentialing and Recredentialing:

Because CCPA provides delegated credentialing for our managed care companies, our members only need to complete and submit one application to CCPA.

Communication with Managed Care Companies on Your Behalf

CCPA will assist you by informing managed care plans when your personal or practice information has changed. If your practice experiences any difficulties with our managed care plans, please email for assistance.

Ready to Join CCPA? 

To access the state of Illinois credentialing or recredentialing applications, please visit the Illinois Department of Health (IDPH) website at:

Current CCPA members please review the CCPA physician recredentialing schedule to find your next recredentialing date.